Summer Syllabus

If you want to work out with me, but don’t want to wade through all my videos, here are some groupings for you. But mix and match to get a full workout.


Pilates with a Stretch Component: You Tube:


Stretch–active warmup and extensions. You Tube:


Surprise Classes From France 30 minute series

Ladder Series:

Lower Body ladder: You Tube:


Pilates Ladder: You Tube:


Upper Body Ladder: You Tube:


Other Body Weight Workouts (30 Minutes)

Upper Body: No weights needed, Effective body weight workout for chest, back, shoulders and armsO

Lower Body: okay confession: I was aiming for 30 minutes and it ended up 45. But it’s a great high rep overload workout

You Tube:

Pilates: Progressive Long Legs

You Tube:


Stretch: standing for starting the day or a workout

You Tube:


Stretch: lying down for ending a workout or a slow start/end to the day

You Tube:


Here are  a Towel Body Sculpting Workout and a Pilates and Stretch workout

You Tube Stretch

You Tube Body Sculpt:

Vimeo Stretch:

Vimeo Body Sculpt:

Strength Rotation:

Pageants: shoulders, hamstrings, back and hips.

Centering & Strengthening body sculpt combo: squats, lunge dips, chest, triceps“`

Centering & Strengthening: Compound Movements with a lift Upper and lower body together—good back focus

Body sculpting, timed workouts chest, squats, curtesy lunges and more

Body Sculpting: Round the World Circuits Variations on the usual moves. Hi-rep overload. Enjoy

Body Sculpting: Upper and Lower body combination Body sculpt work that uses the core

Body Sculpting: Great basic combinations. Get it all in this 🏋️


Pilates Rotation:
Pilates: minimal movement big impact: You can do these moves, take care with form

Pilates: Beating Gravity This workout asks you to use your strength to move your body core-ways.

Pilates: Rock n Roll: Long leg work with rocking and rolling —some nice back lifts too

Pilates: lots of leg and side, easy on the neck

Barrelates and a Plie Amazing balance work for posture, strength and stability. Also neck friendly.

Pilates: weird angles Love love love this one, doable but new moves that will open you

Centering and Strengthening

Centering and Strengthening. This rotation is for folks who want it all. I put a lot into this mix, to give you energy and to power you in little and big ways

Body sculpt: familiar movement with a twist. Quiet power workout

Centering and Strengthening: Crossing the middle Core in your strength, strength in your core

Centering and Strengthening: Inner and Outer Great challenge for your big core muscles

Centering and Strengthening: let’s be lively Energizing and challenging. Calling on the inner body for strength

Centering and Strengthening: something like kettlebells This is energetic and uses the muscles all over but particularly in the back

Centering and Strengthening, Centering obliques through power Using weights to cross body work


Wake up!
Back Friendly
Yoga inspired
Opening head to toe:
Using a chair:



Pilates: traditional Pilates movement along with ab focused worked based on strong core principles. This class is a mat class that engages the core, breathing and the nervous system to create interior power. Technique is emphasized and modifications are given. (barefoot, mat, and folded towel). 60 min
Body Sculpt: Using small weights and a mat, this class defines and develops your lean body tissue, addresses your alignment and focuses on form. Using high rep overload, the class helps you push past your thresholds. Modifications are given, (wear shoes, have a mat, weights and some water). 60 min
Centering and Strengthening: This class combines toning with balance work and core. The best of all worlds come together as we do strength moves along with alignment and balance work, as well as, finishing off with Pilates to address the core. Modifications and Progressions are given (barefoot, light weights are optional, and a mat–a folded towel for padding the knees or tailbone). 60 min
Stretching–no impact, mostly gentle stretch that focuses on breathing and lengthening. Modifications are offered and sometimes we use props from around the house like a pillow or towel. These are special classes offered only on select dates.
Roller Pilates: This class focuses on myofascial release and flexibility using the foam roller. We roll out adhesion and focus on alignment and flexibility. This class is highly recommended if you have tightness in your muscles and tendons, back and neck concerns, tight hamstrings or feel inflexible. The class requires a high density foam roller 36″ in length. 30 minutes.

Pilates on a rollerwe use the roller for increased balance and core engagement. Pilates movements are practiced on a roller as a prop and as a challenge. This class empowers alignment and strength. 30 minutes, needs a high density roller.