Pilates: traditional Pilates movement along with ab focused worked based on strong core principles. This class is a mat class that engages the core, breathing and the nervous system to create interior power. Technique is emphasized and modifications are given. (barefoot, mat, and folded towel). 60 min
Body Sculpt: Using small weights and a mat, this class defines and develops your lean body tissue, addresses your alignment and focuses on form. Using high rep overload, the class helps you push past your thresholds. Modifications are given, (wear shoes, have a mat, weights and some water). 60 min
Centering and Strengthening: This class combines toning with balance work and core. The best of all worlds come together as we do strength moves along with alignment and balance work, as well as, finishing off with Pilates to address the core. Modifications and Progressions are given (barefoot, light weights are optional, and a mat–a folded towel for padding the knees or tailbone). 60 min
Stretching–no impact, mostly gentle stretch that focuses on breathing and lengthening. Modifications are offered and sometimes we use props from around the house like a pillow or towel. These are special classes offered only on select dates.
Roller Pilates: This class focuses on myofascial release and flexibility using the foam roller. We roll out adhesion and focus on alignment and flexibility. This class is highly recommended if you have tightness in your muscles and tendons, back and neck concerns, tight hamstrings or feel inflexible. The class requires a high density foam roller 36″ in length. 30 minutes.

Pilates on a rollerwe use the roller for increased balance and core engagement. Pilates movements are practiced on a roller as a prop and as a challenge. This class empowers alignment and strength. 30 minutes, needs a high density roller.