The Videos of our classes are recorded live and are not altered for publication. Please enjoy the workouts and share with others.

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Many of us are enjoying the weather and going out into the world, hiking, biking and more, I know we’re all careful and social distancing (good!). Remember these workouts complement your outdoor time, giving you more balance, strength and alignment.



Why not test your stamina along with your core power. Here’s a superset routine that works adjacent muscle groups. You have two opportunities to fine-tune your form. On You Tube and Vimeo

Roller Pilates

Myo-facia release addresses the adhesions from blocking your toning and flexibility. In this routine, we roll in the groin and hip area to release the hips, soas, piriformis and SI joint. And a great stretch. On YOU TUBE and VIMEO

Centering and Strengthening

Challenged your coordination while working on alignment with balance and combo exercises, of course, always ending with pilates. Find it on You Tube or Vimeo


A Pilates workout using the barre for balance and strength. We reach for the sky to create alignment and great posture. You Tube and Vimeo. Or you can focus on really giving strength to your hips. You Tube and Vimeo


We took weight room workouts to the next level. Try the timed circuits. This is not HIIT, but a slow and relentless workout. Go for it. You Tube & Vimeo. Or work those smaller muscles with an in-depth small dumbbell workout. You Tube & Vimeo